Horah at Spazio Krizia

aprile 2018

Raw Edges

Horah at Spazio Krizia

ProjectB will be at Spazio Krizia in Via Manin, 21 for a temporary exhibition of the Israeli-duo Raw-Edges on the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2018.

Following the invitation to create an exhibition at Milan's Spazio Krizia, Raw-Edges have decided to continue the legacy of this particular space and to focus on light installation; for many years the light designer Ingo Maurer had accommodated his Salone’s shows at this space and last year it was Formafantasma who dedicate their Foundation show to experiments with light.

On show a group of about 30 ‘dancing lights’; each one assembled from multiply casted glass curved ‘leaves’ has an inner side to side pivoting movement. As a result of this movement the strength of light is dimmed and the shape is constantly transformed (contract and extract like breathing). The clacking sound of the glass occurs at the end of each turn, pursuing the fascination with repetition of objects and the power of multiplication. 

The meaning of a repeated object is changed when it is a part of a larger group and a matter of humanisation is often arize and this signifiance is even gareter if a synchronised movement occur within this group of multiplied objects. Synchronisation is intriguing as when we watch synchronised dancers such as the traditional Israeli Horah dancers or synchronised swimmers and even north Korean marching parade, a certain emotion is being evoked. It appears that human attraction to synchronisation sights and sounds, is rooted in a primitive mindset of the survival of the group to the vulnerability of the individual. In other words, we are drawn to the power of group cohesiveness, and a coordinated rhythmic movement is powerfully captivating our attention. Horah Lamps are inspired on one side by coordinate human movements and on the other by technical revolving daily objects such as roof vents.

The project has been developed, crafted and engineered by WonderGlass and designed by Raw-Edges.